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Artisan Awards

November 19, 2023

Artisan Awards: a competition that showcases traditional made products from producers around the world. An annual event that assists suppliers with brand awareness, and helps bring consumer attention to artisan brands. Independently owned distillers, brewers, winemakers… enter their top brands and compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, not every brand is guaranteed to win a medal.

What makes a product qualify as artisan? If you have to ask more than likely it is not artisan. It’s not about the money as artisan brands make more than mass-produced brands. It’s not about the quantities as artisan brands gain popularity/sales each year. Artisan Awards is more about the skill, ingredients and traditional methods that goes into making the product.

Select judges will perform a blind tasting of all products submitted. Annual judging is highly respected as we hand pick the experts in each field according to skill. As the industry continues to grow year after year the artisan brands need to get the well-deserved attention for going the extra mile to insure the best possible product is made. If you want to be a judge please email info@artisanawards.com and let us know what category (i.e. wine, beer, spirits…).

Artisan Awards recognizes products made by people who truly love what they do- craftsmen, creating rare, handmade, organic, single barrel… products that keep consistency year after year trough traditional methods. Artisan Awards attracts consumers as each year the largest growing segment is artisan brands.


November 19, 2023